Our Policies

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors. Our Security Policy ensures that we have in place effective procedures to enable us to achieve this aim.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of the Board

The Board is responsible for formulating the Security Policy and monitoring its implementation.
Premises, Health, Safety and Security Sub-Committee of the Board monitor the policy on a term by term basis. Any key issues that arise are taken to the full Board and resource implications to the Resources Sub-Committee for discussion. The Board’s reporting to parents will include a statement on school security.

Role of the Principal

The Principal will be responsible for implementing the security policy agreed by the Board.

The Principal will ensure:

  • The staff appreciate the importance of security and understand the school’s policy and their responsibilities.
  • Staff training needs are kept under review and training as necessary.
  • Parents are informed of the security policy and encouraged to help.
  • Formal risk assessments are conducted by an outside body and updated on a regular basis. The last risk assessment was carried out in Month/Year and will be updated Month/Year.
  • There are annual risk assessments conducted by the Principal and project manager.
  • In addition routine security checks are carried out on an on-going basis by the caretaker.
  • Timely reports are made to the Premises, Health, Safety and security Sub-Committee of the Board.
  • Staff to have meetings with parents in the Conference Room or on the benches outside the office.
  • All staff must challenge visitors who are not wearing a visitor’s badge.


  • All visitors, including contractors, to come to main office entrance, report to School Secretary, sign in the visitors’ book and wear a visitor’s badge.
  • All parents to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff. To follow the same procedure as above.
  • All other services based in the School must sign in at the office.
  • Parents to be reminded of our security strategies on a regular basis through “Premises, Health and Safety” Newsletters written by the Principal.
  • All staff must ensure that the people trying to gain entry to the School should enter via the office. They should not gain entry through the car park door.


  • All external doors to be kept closed (doors can be opened internally but not externally).
  • All rooms containing equipment that may pose a risk to be kept locked – caretaker’s room, I.T. server room, parents’ room, science cupboard, telephone room, I.T. room, school kitchen and rooms containing cleaning equipment.
  • All upstairs windows to be secured. They do not open fully.