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Dear Parents,

ALINGUA is a vision and thought provoking organization. It’s motto is to envisage India as a leader of nations globally, a heralder of truth and learning and centre for peace, self-realization and mutual understanding. It wants to make the student learn the aim & importance of education. It envisages India, with each of its sons and daughters as ambassadors of peace, knowledge and clear reason. Only in doing so, can we proclaim ourselves to be “ALINGUAN” or “Good Citizen” or “Good Indian”A School is a temple of learning. Learning completes only if it grooms student into self-reliant, disciplined, confident individuals capable of facing challenges offered by life boldly and emerging victorious. A large part of a child’s active life is spent in school. However, every child gets his emotional stability from his parents. So we request you to spend quality time with your child not just for completion for his home task but also to know him, his friend circle, his fears and strength. Your Support and belief will boost his confidence. It is well said “Your presence is much more important than your presents”

We sincerely believe that parents, students and school authorities are a team and compliment each other’s efforts. We welcome your valuable suggestions sent to us either through mail or in person.I not only extend my sincere wishes but also my all effort for each and every student to become a complete personality.

(Vipin Tyagi)


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