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A confluence of intellect and the resultant convergence of ideas paved the way for the genesis of Alingua Public School, KISOLA in the year 2006. Alingua Public School is situated at Kisola, on the way to Siyana-Bugrasi Road which is 5 km away from Tehsil-Siyana.The ALINGUA GROUP is mentored by its chairman Shri Vipin Tyagi, The inherent philosophy of the ALINGUA is to impart quality education and instill self-confidence and self-efficiency in students while ensuring that they are endowed with behavioural architecture, knowledge, leadership skills and an understanding of human values and ethics. The Alingua Public School under its organizational umbrella signifies how the need to provide meaningful education, to a large number of children, desirous of growing into educated and liberated human beings, has been fulfilled. Founded and managed by distinguished members and luminaries of society, called from the various walks of life, the organization has always guided its member schools on the path of progress with their visionary approach and lofty ideas. Consequently, Alingua Public School has become significant portals of learning and growth of young minds.

The ALINGUA GROUP pay special attention to provide a platform for our students to exhibit their adroitness in the playfield and excel in their chosen sport. It is our perception that knowledge widens one’s horizons and perspective. A person equipped with knowledge can conquer humanity. The world bows its head in reverence to such a person. Hence we aim at providing the maximum possible knowledge to our students in least possible time in the best possible way. Alingua Public School with its distinguished genealogy is surging ahead with a spirit of healthy competition, setting new benchmarks for itself and striving hard to achieve these.

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